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TEMPLE SANNIDHIS - Arulmigu Devi Karumari Amman Temple, Thiruverkadu

Vinayagar Peruman

     Once upon a time Vinayagar performed Abisekam (pouring holy water) on Devi Karumari using Valampuri Conch which made Karumari extremely happy. So She blessed him when poojas were performed the first pooja would be done to Him only.That is why only after offering prayer to Vinayagar at the left side of flag staff we should go round the temple corridor.

Verkanni Amman

     After worshipping the divine feet of Devi Karumari, who showers blessings all over the world, if you move to the right you can see the Agasthiar Sannidhi. Once there stood white Neam tree in the place of Verkanni. In due course it withered away. Now you can see a hole in the upper roof of the building as an evidence of it.

Glass Hall

     Next to Verkanni is the glass hall where Lord Arumuga Peruman is posing with valli and Deivayani.

Srinivasa Peruman

     After worshipping Muruga you can see the Sannidhi of Srinivasa Peruman. Lord Rama, Lakshman, Seetha, Hanuman idols are also inside the Sannidhi of Srinivasa Perumal. Lord Perumal is seating with Sridevi, Poothevi and Sudarsana Alwar.

Third Corridor

     If you move from this second Corridor to the third Corridor your eyes will enlarge in wonder. Like the mercy of mother the third Corridor is also broad and big. There are 13 sannidhis in this Corridor. Pipal and Neem trees are grown mixed together.Underneath the trees the idols of Valampuri Vinayagar, Nagar, Angala Parameswari, Uchista Ganapathy, Prethyengara Devi, Gayathri, Maha Lakshmi,Meenakshi, Kamachi, Visalakshi, Raja Rajeswari, Savithri, Valli - Deivayanai - Subramanyar, Byravar and Thurgai are installed.

Saptha Mathas (Seven Divine Mothers)

     While Lord Siva was ruling Thiruverkadu along with Balambiga, Devas who were tortured by demons rushed to Lord Siva and prayed him to save them. Lord Siva wanted to remove their sufferings and to give them peaceful life. So Lord Siva told Uma Devi alias Thiruverkkani that he is going to the kingdm of Deva to redress their grievances and till His return He empowered Thiruverkanni to perform all the five sacred duties ( Creation, Protection, Destruction, maintain and bless) and gave her ashes from his body.
In turn, Goddess Verkkani ordered Agasthiar to select a place at north eastern side to rule the world. When Agasthiar was thinking about a place an auspicious voice said, "Agasthia! the place where you are standing itself is going to be a sacred one". Agasthiar when turned, Goddess came near him and said this place would remove all sins. She performed five sacred duties with the help of ashes given by Lord Siva. At that time she appeared in the form of seven divine powers. The seven divine powers are as follows

  • Gayathri
  • Mahalakshmi
  • Meenakshi
  • Kamatchi
  • Raja Rajeswari
  • Visalakshi
  • Savithri

     All these seven divine powers determined to save this world and installed trident at Thiruverkkadu in Devi Karumari Amman temple. Agasthiar portrayed that trident. At that time a mystic voice told Agasthiar that three of us would move about in many places; three others would rule at three different places.I am the junior most and will rule this place by taking two different images. Immediately the 6 divine powers left that place. Then Devi Karumari took two different images. First one was looking very bright and beautiful. Second one was in dark blue colour. At that time Maha Vishnu told "Your mere sight will help the world to reach eternal peace".
Then Devi Karumari showed her face alone and blessed. On seeing this Agasthiar praised her glory. This image is worshipped in the Sanctum - sanctorium of Karumari Amman Temple. At that time Karumari told Agasthiar "I will take the shape of snake and rule for many aeons from snake anthill; then I will rule with this image in kaliyugam from the temple itself". you can even now see that snake hole by the side of the temple.