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History - Arulmigu Devi Karumari Amman Temple, Thiruverkadu

Devi Karumari - Symbol of wisdom as worshipped by wisemen

     There is reference about Thiruverkadu in Kandapuranam. The history about this sacred place has taken place in the Theertha kaadhai, Kalika kandam, Sanath Kumara shemshithai in Kandapuranam. There is very high reputed history about this sacred place in the Theertha kaadhai of Kaligakandam.
There are references about this holy place in the myth written by the great saint Veda Viyasar. This information can be seen as details given by the Soothaga Munivar to the saints assembled in the Naimi saranyam. Apart from the mythic history many great saints came to this holy place worshipped the deity and praised the glory of lord with their songs.

Arunagirinathar & Sambandar

     Arunagirinathar and Sambandar composed many poems about this place. Sekilar Peruman in his Periya Puranam has sung about this holy place and about Moorkka Nayanar. Apart from what was mentioned in the mythics and the songs composed by the Siva saints, poor lay men every day came to this place and prayed god in their own language and style. if we compile them then the whole world will be filled with the praising words about this place, the glory of Devi Karumari and nobility of Vedapuresswarar with Balambiga.

Devi Karumari shining in Lamp

     Holy lamp is the image of Adi Sakthi, the Mother of all mothers.If you lit the lamp you will have Prosperity. you should clean the lamp neatly, put the wick, pour oil, put garland and sing the song sitting before it.
Then whatever you pray can be achieved. In Devi Karumari Amman Temple each and every Full moon day 108 married women will perform pooja for 108 lamps.

Devi Karumari enjoys swinging

     As per instruction of Lord Siva all Devas, demons came to Thiruverkadu, worshipped Devi Karumari and wanted to enjoy the scene of her happily riding a swing. Devi Karumari conceding their request pose sitting in a swing on a Vijaya Dasami day. They move the swing with the song. Even now swing function is celebrated in Thiruverkadu.

Devi Karumari having lingam in eight diections

     Lord Paramasivan with his eight characters looked at eight directions through His third eye (the eye on the forehead). That became eight lingams and added more power to Thiruverkadu, the abode of Devi karumari and they sat on eight directions.These Lingams are amalgamation of all these forms of God. Basement is called Brhamma Part. Central portion Vishnu part and upper portion Rudhra part.
The specialty of lingam is that unlike other idols the lingam idol can be worshipped from all directions. This Lingam having eight faces, facing eight directions are as follows:

  • Parvathi Lingam
  • Navamani Lingam
  • Bairavi Lingam
  • Sivanilai Lingam
  • Poorna Lingam
  • Sathyama Lingam
  • Karani Lingam
  • Varani Lingam

Devi Karumari has blessed that those who worship Her at Thiruverkadu will attain ashta maha sithis (eight great traits) viz. Anima, Mahima, Ilahima,Karima, Prapthi, Vasithuvam, Prakamayam, Esathuvam.